Executive Summary

TAWCMM was ​formalized and incorporated in 2017 after 4 years of demonstrating the value of periodic men’s meetings for the purpose of encouraging and empowering men in sustainable relationships with God.

The mission of TAWCMM is to ENGAGE, EQUIP, ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER all Christian men to develop a sustainable walk with God throughout and for all of life.

Roy W Jones, Jr., founder of TAWCMM, has displayed a heart and vision for men’s ministry since 1998. He saw the need of bringing men together to offer one another solutions to the challenges of living a disciplined life through a strong love relationship with Christ.

TAWCMM recognizes the important roles men play as sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The organization’s effort in no way minimizes the important nature of women’s Faith but focuses on the pitfalls men face that are unique to them in the “iron sharpens iron” adage.

TAWCMM is not a church nor replacement for joining together in a local group of believers. Rather the organization seeks to build the faith of all men in their own local fellowships and at the same time tear down the walls of racial divide. The goal of TAWCMM is to not only encourage a path forward in faith but also provide a mechanism for accountability in discipleship.

The organization operates under the direction of a nine person Board and has adopted a Mission Statement, Bylaws, and a Statement of Christian Faith. TAWCMM operates and is recognized by the IRS as a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization. As such, the organization and contributions from supporters are exempt from Federal and State tax.

TAWCMM will continue to focus on existing meetings and developing additional opportunities for equipping along with an easy access to valuable materials for growth and discipleship via a webpage. The resources will be available in physical and web-based formats. Please see our work in progress on our website here.

Individuals and organizations supporting TAWCMM through a financial gift can be assured that money will go directly to the need of ministering to men. Come. Join with us as we talk and walk with Christ!

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